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Sports Lighting offers a complete installation from start to finish.  Including all groundwork, laying of cable, switch gear and the erection and installation of columns and lights. There are many different switching arrangements which can be suited to your needs. This will be discussed on a site visit.  We have 30yrs experience. We are a very dedicated family business.

We also offer maintenance and service contracts, or just one-off servicing or cleaning.

If you have metal halide fittings, we recommend that lamps should bechanged every 3 to 4 years and cleaning every 1 to 2 years to maintain the lux levels. The servicing consists of cleaning glass inside and out, cleaning reflectors, wiping lamps with acholic wipes. Checking all terminals for corrosion. And final test.

We have 95% ofhydraulic rams,including Abacus, Christies, and Towermaster to lower most makes of columns. Static columns we have cherry pickers available.

We are very competitive on all your servicing. Please do not hesitate to contact us, you will be surprised at the cost saving over other large companies.

We are only a call or email away.

Kim & James Prestwood.

01803 844 833.

Servicing is a must

Sports Lighting carry out serving of all floodlighting installations all over the country. If servicing is not done regularly, like ...
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Torquay Utd

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Son and Partner

When my son James is not working on our floodlighting installations nationwide, he is doing what he does best “Flyboarding” ...
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If Sports Lighting carry out serving of all floodlighting installations all over the country. We have our own dedicated staff ...
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Torbridge college. Christie’s Columns.

Just carried out a full service on 6 x 15mt Christie's Columns. using Sports Lighting's Hydraulic ram to fit the ...
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Christie’s Columns, Abacus Columns

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