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The Field Hockey Pitch

Most hockey field dimensions were originally fixed using whole numbers of imperial measures and are expressed as such in this article. It is, never-theless, the metric measurements shown in parenthesis which are the current official dimensions of the field of play as laid down by the Interna-tional Hockey Federation (FIH) in the “Rules of Hockey 2005”.

The game is played between two teams of eleven players on a 100 × 60 yard (91.4 m × 55 m) rectangular field. At each end there is a goal 7 feet (2.14 m) high and 12 feet (3.66 m) wide, and a semi-circle 16 yards (14.63 m) from the goal known as the shooting circle (or D or arc), with a dotted line 5 yards (5 m) from the semi-circle, as well as lines across the field 25 yards (22.9 m) from each end-line and in the center of the field. A spot, called the penalty spot, is placed 7 yards (6.4 m) from the center

Taunton School.

Sports Lighting were brought in to rectify quite a few problems with the lights at a school in Taunton. We ...

Wellington School.

Wellington School. New re-fit of 16 Philips LEDs. Removed 24 old metal halide lights. Lowered the 8 x 15mt columns ...

North FC, Guernsey

Complete new installation of Philips LEDs on existing columns. Removed all the old metal halide fittings and replaced with Philips ...

Plymstock College

Just refurbished Plymstock College 3G pitch with 6 x 12mt base hinged columns and 12 x Thorn Champion 2kw asymmetric ...
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