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Lighting should provide uniform illumination over the playing area as seen by the players and spectators. This includes the court lines and the ball, which should also be seen clearly. As well as having adequate illumination over the court there should be sufficient light above players head height. This is to allow a ball that has been played high to been seen.


Outdoor courts are usually lit with floodlights that are generally aimed from the sides. A compromise has to be reached between the mounting height, the elevation of the beams and the acceptable glare towards the competitors and spectators

Any screens surrounding the playing area should be a plain dark colour with a matt finish so as to provide adequate contrast with the ball.

Multiple adjacent courts can be lit without columns in between the courts provided adequate court separation is available (3 m minimum)

The illumination should not only cover the court area but also the surrounding playing area. Glare will generally be controlled by using floodlights with a controlled beam of light at sufficient mounting height (At least 8mt).


The above illuminances are maintained averages, and agree with those recommended by the Lawn Tennis Association

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