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Illumination is provided to enable the safe movement of both horse and rider appropriate to the standard of participation. The actions of both must be clearly seen by spectators, riders, officials and trainers. The lighting installation should provide even illumination over the total floor area. Shadows should be avoided as these may cause horses to shy.

Most purpose built Arenas are rectangular in design, although the overall dimensions may vary considerable. The smallest Arena suitable for Equestrian events is 40m x 20m whilst a full showjumping Arena should be 60m x 25m. In all cases the most effective lighting solution will be provided by overhead illumination.

The illumination must be adequate to enable safe progress for horse and rider during all aspects of Equestrian sport. It is important that a high degree of uniformity is achieved with sufficient luminaries to remove shadowing and glare around showjumping fences.

The eye level of a rider is typically between 2mt and 2.5mt above ground level and may significantly increase when jumps are taken, this should be considered when determining a suitable mounting height. Background illumination should be provided for spectator areas.

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