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Equestrian Arena Surrey

A low level lighting scheme. Shots across the arena. Calming lights so the horses won’t shy. Clients well pleased. All ...
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Bristol Equestrian Arena.

Quality installation for a small 50m arena. Using 240w LED,s. Completed in the same day. Client well pleased. Another great ...
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Peterborough Equestrian Arena

60m x 20m arena with 12 x 240w asymmetric LED's, really good uniformity, plus 1mt LED bollard lights all down ...
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Diptford Horse Arena

I brought in Low Level Lighting about 25yrs ago, I must admit it still look really good. The client was ...
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Stafford equestrian arena

Basic lighting on a 40mt x 20mt arena. Lite to approx. 150lx. Classed as "Supervised Practice and Training Level" Great ...
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Cheshire Arena

Quality arena for a 16yr old future champion ...
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