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Milton Keynes 3g Pitch

Had a call from an Electrical contractor in Milton Keynes who tried last November 2023 to fit new LEDs to 14 x 17.1mt Towermaster columns from a cherry picker. Not good: They came down rather quickly:

They then  decided that they had to try and find a company that could lower the 14 columns: Sports Lighting to the rescue !!! The got in touch after Xmas and we planned to travel to site to lower the 14 Towermaster columns for them. We ended up by giving them advice and helping them out.

The contractor was so pleased. He just didn’t know which way to turn.

Sports Lighting has 12 different hydraulic rams to lower columns from 4mts to 22mts.  Including: Abacus, Christies, Towermaster, and CU Phosco.

Updated: 12th March 2024 — 9:42 am
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