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Servicing is a must !

Every floodlighting installation needs to be serviced to maintain lux levels and problems with water egress etc.

So many clubs I chat to just change a lamp when its gone. That’s easy to do, but wont keep the floodlight going for years.

We clean all reflectors, clean glass inside and out, check and clean all seals, check terminals at both ends. Make a visual check of the column and all the moving parts, ie hinges, check all the holding down bolts. The list goes on and on.

We at Sports Lighting carry 95% of all hydraulic rams to lower and raise columns from 6mt to 22mts.

We carry Christies rams, all of Abacus rams and all of Towermaster rams.

Give us a call asap to arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

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Updated: 17th March 2021 — 12:04 pm
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